Chrome Your Own

For any parts not listed, please email with dimensions and picture for estimated quote.


TO CHROME YOUR ITEM (customer supplies parts)

- P  denotes the part can only be Powder coated or Polished

Parts must be supplied Dismantled
Please do not bead or grit blast prior to sending.



Expansion Chamber Body £51.50
Exhaust U Bend £22.50
Exhaust Brackets each £6.99
Carb Manifolds  £13.99
Engine Block £66.99 - P
Chain case Side £64.99
Kick start Lever £20.50
Mag Flange £23.50 - P
Head Cowling  £20.50
Fly Cowling £18.99
Flywheel Dust Cover £8.99
Dustcover Spring £2.99
Engine Mounts £5.99
Engine Breather Plug £3.50
Oil Drain Plug £3.50
Oil Lever Plug £3.50
Clutch Arm Spring £3.99
Gear Change Lever £4.99
Gear Pivot £4.99
Gear Linkage Bar £4.99
G.P. Gear Arm £5.50
Gear Adjuster Block body £7.99
Gear Adjuster screws - outright £0.99
Brake Adjuster £7.50
Mag Flange Sealing Plate £4.50
Clutch/Gear/Brake arms each £5.50


Horn Cover £36.99
Horn Cover Grill £13.99
Front Mudguard £64.50
Bridge Piece £15.50
Rear Runner Board £46.50
Tool Box £48.99
Tool Box Lid £23.50
Rear Mudguard (full) £30.99
Rear Frame Grill £12.99
Floor Runners (set) £22.99 - P
End Caps (each) £2.25
Side Panel Handle £7.50
GP Panel Clip £7.50
GP Panel Clip Plate £8.50
Petrol Tank £65.99
Petrol Tank Cap £6.50
Petrol Cap Lid £10.50
Air Filter Box £46.99
Air Scoop £15.99
Air Filter Hose Piece  £14.99
Petrol Tap Arm £6.50
Choke Arm £6.50
Choke Plate  £5.50
Stand Spring £4.99
Center Stand  £30.99
Stone Guard £24.99
Rear Shocker £37.50
Rear Brake Pedal £16.99
Runner Board Bracket £7.50
Coil Bracket £7.50
Rear Light Unit housing  £25.50


Front Hub £36.99
Hub Back Plate £30.99
Disc Brake Arm £9.50
Rear Hub  £36.99
Wheel Rims (one wheel) (new only) £27.99
Forks (dismantled) £61.50
Fork Link . 11.99 £12.50
Fork Springs (each) £10.99
Cable Guide £5.99


Headset Top £37.50
Headset Bottom £51.50
Headlight Rim  £14.99
Light Switch Housing £11.50
Handlebar Gear Change £11.50
Clutch/Brake Lever (pair) Outright




Forks PX/FL/T5/PK (inc. axle) £87.50
Forks Vespa 50/PRIM £61.50
Shockers  £30.99
Front Hub £30.99
Front Hub Back Plate £30.99
V50/90/PRIM Front Hub Back Plate £30.99
Rear Hub £30.99
Rear Hub Back Plate £17.50
Headset Bottom £51.50
Handle Bar Gear Change £13.50
Clutch/Brake Lever (pair) Outright
Rear Brake Pedal £20.50
Kick start £20.50
Flywheel Engine Case £60.50 - P
Engine Block £66.99 - P
Clutch Cover £13.50 - P
Gear Selector Box £13.50
Gear Selector Cover £5.99
Engine Bolt £6.50
Carb Box  £22.50
Carb Box Top £15.99
Manifolds £13.99
Tool Box  £48.50
Tool Box Door £28.99
Tool Box and Door £71.99
Wheel Rims (2 pieces) £27.99
Wheel Rim/Hub 4 Bolt Type £46.50
Fly Cowling £17.50
Side Panel  £59.99
Center Stand £25.50
Helmet Holder Outright
Shocker Springs (each) £14.99
Floor Runners Strips (each)  £6.50 - P
Front Mudguard £51.50
Exhaust  Body £51.50
Exhaust U Bend  £22.50


Lambretta add . 3.75p per inch

Vespa  add . 2.75p per inch


We can now offer our customers a Powder Coating Service! Prices are 50% less than Chrome Plating so a guide to the pricing can be judged from the Chrome Plating Above. An average full scooter would cost around £255.00 to £360.00 Pounds Sterling to coat all the parts That are normally Sprayed, Making it hard to beat alternative to chroming or a normal paint job!

Powder Coating is the modern alternative to the old fashioned stove enameling. It is a dry polyester powder which is positively charged and sprayed onto an earthed item such as a frame. The frame is then placed in an oven to cure at a specific temperature for the correct amount of time until hardened.

All Parts are bead blasted with fine bead so as not to remove valuable metal from expensive or unobtainable parts. Any cracks detected in the metal are repaired usually Free of charge or the customer is notified. Aluminum parts have the added process of being pre heated for 15 to 30 mins at a higher temperature to degas them giving a long lasting finish. And finally, any areas such as brake drums or bearing surfaces that require to be free of paint are masked off.

The finish is a smooth gloss or dull matt depending on the customers requirements. The finish is flexible and can withstand Bumps and every day knocks quite easily. A large variety of paint types and colors are available such as daytime Fluorescents or original silver again depending on the customer requirements.

The most popular colors in gloss or matt are: Black, White, Red, Burgundy, Brown, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Racing Green, Orange, Gold, Silver, Grey. And Daytime Bright colors in Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. Hundreds of other colors are available in accordance to our Color Charts or Samples Supplied.