Oil - Rock Oil - 2Stroke Racing Pre Mix Fully Synthetic - 1 Ltr - Synthesis 2


Oil - Rock Oil - 2 Stroke Pre Mix Only - Racing - Fully Synthetic - 1 Litre

Synthesis 2 Racing

Synthesis 2 Racing is one of a new range of fully synthetic lubricants, and has been developed to meet the exacting demands of Grand Prix racing. Synthesis 2 Racing is made from a variety of synthetic base stocks including N.H.C. Polyol Esters and Poly Iso Butylenes, but benefits from the inclusion of synthetics of a much larger molecular structure giving increased boundary lubrication and offering a wide buffer zone of protection.
Synthesis 2 Racing was developed with the assistance Professional Grand Prix riders. We believe we have succeeded in producing one of the most outstanding 2 stroke lubricants available anywhere.


Ultra low rates of wear
High lubricity preventing oil induced piston seizures
High shear stability even under the severest conditions
Increased engine reliability
No lacquer, gumming or ring sticking
Ultra clean burning with little or no carbon deposits
Excellent fluidity/pour point for use in wide range of temperatures
Easy mixing


Synthesis 2 Racing must not be used with castor based oils.
Synthesis 2 Racing will mix with leaded, unleaded, Avgas and Octane Boosters but not Methanol.
Synthesis 2 Racing is not suitable for use in oil injection systems.

Synthesis 2 Racing meets or exceeds the following specifications:


Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 15C 0.893
Viscosity @ 40C 135.4 cSt
Flash Point (PMCC) >150C
Pour Point Appearance Clear Blue liquid
Product Code 07140