Lambretta Series 2 3 Li GP SX TV Reinforced Engine Mounts Silent Block - Casa Lambretta

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Lambretta Series 2 3 Li GP SX TV Reinforced Engine Mounts Silent Block - Casa Lambretta
These are supplied singularly, and so you'll need to order 2 if a pair is needed.

Silentblocks are an important part of the engine suspension. The Li family has two different basic types. The smaller silent blocks (using a 21.5 cm long engine bolt) are used on all Li Series 1 & 2 cars. For the Series 3 only the Li 125 & 150 had the small silent blocks. TV, Special, SX and DL had the larger silent blocks.

The large silent blocks absorb the vibrations much better and therefore offer more comfort. The small silent blocks offer less comfort but the crisper feeling on the road.
Innocenti has gone to considerable lengths to reduce vibration and increase the life of the relevant parts. Since the right-hand side of the siilentblock is closer to the longitudinal axis of the crankshaft, the vibrations occurring on this side are more pronounced. During the construction of the DL this problem was solved with a harder silent block for the right side.

Little anecdote on the side, the AF S Type Dealer Specials had also reinforced the right silent block. Here a second (but shortened) silent block was welded on and then driven with a longer engine bolt.

For sporty drivers it is recommended to use the reinforced silent block on both sides.

Rubber parts
material: metal, rubber
length: 70 mm
Ø inner: 16 mm
Ø outer: 50 mm