Vespa - Cylinder Kit - 5 Port - 150cc - P150X/PX150EFL/LML


Vespa 150cc Barrel and Piston Kit

150 Sprint Veloce - 5 port

Can also be fitted too: P125X, PX 125 EFL, PX125 Disc as a kit - matching cylinder head would be required, available seperately or as a full kit.

Includes Barrel, Piston, Piston Rings ( 2 x 2mm Side Peg Rings ), Piston Pin and Circlips. VE10142 Cylinder Kit uses 57.8mm x 2.5mm Side Peg Rings.

Bore 57.8mm with Five transfer ports.

For use with standard PX125/150 Crankshaft.

LML - Some LML Star Reed Valve models have a diiferent piston compression height. - To check that this kit will fit - Check that the distance between the top outer edge of the piston above the rings and the top of the gudgeon pin hole on your piston kit is 28mm.