Battery - 12 V - YB9 / YB7 - SIP - Glass Mat - Maintenance Free


Battery - 12 V - YB9 / YB7 - SIP for Vespa - Glass Mat

"In addition to the standard batteries that come with a separate acid filling, we are now able to offer you our new SIP power batteries for Vintage Vespas. Manufactured according to the latest technologies, our new battery series is maintenance-free, leak proof, pre-charged and ready to mount. For your security, the acid is bound in special glass fibre mats while the battery is sealed leak proof: no more acid filling necessary! The casing comes in black which lends the battery a vintage look. Put short, this battery combines classic looks with modern manufacturing methods to result in a high-quality product.

The battery offers the same ampere-hour performance as well as long durability.

Of course the 12V/ 9Ah has all of the advantages mentioned above. It is also suitable for all models that usually run on a 12V/7amp battery. E.g.: Vespa PK XL 2 or PIAGGIO SKR. They are included in the model-list as ‘non standard’. The increased starting performance allows the starter to revolve faster. The engine starts better."

133mm Tall x 75mm Deep x136mm Wide