Lambretta Series 1 2 3 Li GP SX TV Imola 198cc Racing Cylinder Kit Ø 66mm

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IMOLA competition cylinder 198 cc for Lambretta 125 LI 198 cc for Lambretta 125 LI / Special / GP / DL / 150 LI / Special / SX / GP / DL / 175 TV Ø 66mm, aluminum, 6 ports, 2 piston rings, incl. cylinder head, with nikasil coating, with 30mm suction connection and membrane, SPORT-TUNING, powerful and suitable only for competition!

Would you like the idea of ​​mounting a large 200 cc cylinder on your "small" engine? No problem! The tuning legend of LAMBRETTA Tino Sacchi has an extremely tasty object available in the shape of the Imola racing cylinder. In combination with a 28 mm carburettor and an Ancelotti exhaust system, the Imola kit produces approximately 18 HP, equivalent to a VESPA T5 model equipped with a MALOSSI 172cc cylinder kit. Both configurations have a very similar power delivery. Obviously, this can be (in both cases) greatly improved with the use of a reed valve manifold, ensuring a greater volume of fuel / air mixture, so as to increase the power, especially in the lower part and in the central part of the lap. . range.

The Imola already has 12 PS on offer at 5500 rpm, a value maintained up to beyond its maximum power at 8000 rpm. In short, a comfortable dispensing power, which tends to help swallow the bitter pill that represents the carburettor manifold with output on the right. Similar to the TS 1 kit, this means the inevitable removal of the battery compartment from the frame so that the carburetor assembly can be reliably mounted. Both the Monza and Imola cylinder kits ideally lend themselves to further developments in performance-oriented engine tuning projects. If you think the cubes are fantastic, then you can't go wrong with the crankshaft along the small block engine to reach 200 cc with the additional incentive of a possible 20 ps! Conclusion: TS 1 for the small engine convinces with its wide power range and added displacement. It can be used in conjunction with most small engine blocks, from the most moderate road tracks to maximum power projects and continues to work reliably when set correctly. Aluminum cylinder bore / 66mm / Nicasilate / 6 transfer holes / 2 piston rings High quality aluminum cylinder with six transfer ports, available with a 66mm bore, includes a piston equipped with two 1mm piston segments of thickness, suitable cylinder head, reed manifold, reed valve group to adapt, all the necessary fixings and gaskets various thicknesses, base gasket and manifold gaskets) IMOLA 198cc cylinder and head, for crankshafts with 107mm rod (LI and GP ) SIP-TIP: You can strongly influence the power characteristics of your engine through the exhaust style included in the engine configuration. The Imola is ideally suited for longer tours in combination with a higher gear set and a more torque-oriented expansion chamber system. A more downward oriented tube can set maximum free speeds of up to 120km / h or 75mph! All exhaust systems designed for the TS 1 cylinder also fit in Imola, thanks to the similar design and layout. The British trade press: "The problem with the TS1 revolution is that it has always been limited to the 200cc engine size ... The new Lambretta Imola 198cc cylinder kit threatens (...) to give the 125/150 / 175cc engine the same new life as TS1 did for the larger engines. "Please note: Due to the manufacturing process some barrels may have some small holes or scratches on the inner surface. According to Tino Sacchi, the small visible imperfections does not reduce the performance and durability of the rod.