Vespa PX200 Rally 200 Cosa Malossi 210cc MHR Racing Cylinder Kit - No Head

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for Vespa 200 Rally/​P200E/​PX200 E/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​Cosa 200

  • aluminium
  • 7 ports
  • Ø 68,5mm
  • stroke 57mm
  • 1 piston ring(s)
  • w/​o cylinder head

The one and only! The MALOSSI 210cc cylinder is the undisputed number one in the big-block division of Vespa tuning!

The finest production quality, enduring reliability and perhaps most important – seemingly endless reserves of revs and power in all situations!


MALOSSI´s latest incarnation is available as two types: The 'Sport' as a road-going tourer, or the 'MHR' meant for track-based racers or just plain-old power junkies! Both versions represent the very best qualities that can be found in a tuning cylinder worthy of powering your personal pride and joy. Recently a engine set up with the 'MHR' version of this cylinder was measured with a staggering 40PS power output at the rear wheel. As far as genuinely affordable power goes, there is no way around the MALOSSI when searching for a suitable tuning cylinder. The main arguments for the tuning kits of MALOSSI are

  • big performance increase
  • very good durability and long life
  • wide range of application from ROAD to RACE tuning

High end aluminium casting, enduring Nicasil lined bore, 7 transfer ports with a potent cross-sectional area create the basis of a reliable and thermally uncritical performance cylinder. The combination of the patented MALOSSI CVF2 porting system and the range of solid pistons available are more than capable of supplying the combustion chamber with sufficient amounts of fresh fuel charge to be turned into raw power, while simultaneously guaranteeing an enduring delivery of huge dollops of performance from your Vespa!

What are the differences to the "old" racing cylinder MALOSSI 210?

  • in the revised transfer port layout. The side port windows have been completely laid-open and the channels massively enlarged
  • The port windows have also been enlarged and the redesigned boost port is immediately obvious
  • Upon closer inspection it now comprises of three channels, instead of two
  • All kits are available with an optional MALOSSI High Turbolence Squish Racing (HTSR) cylinder head and come with an 'O'- ring gasket

The MALOSSI cylinder kits produced since 2016 are delivered including a VERTEX piston with a graphite skirt surfacing material. This cutting-edge technology reduces friction considerably and can also function as an emergency damage-reducing solution in case of heat-seizure. Compared to the ASSO piston that was included with the pre-2016 Mk II version of their 166cc cylinder, the VERTEX piston is around 10% lighter. The skirt of the latest piston is shorter which eliminates the need for extra modifications when attempting to fit a long-stroke crankshaft. The port windows are noticeably larger on the VERTEX piston and also provide a much improved match to those found on the bore of the cylinder. This new piston type is compatible with all generations and standard types of the 210cc cylinders.