Alarm - Remote Alarm System


Protect your scooter / motorbike with our alarm, immobiliser, and remote starter system.

1. When armed via the remote the siren sounds when the scooter is touched or when anyone attempts to start it. Even if someone has your key or bypasses the ignition switch they cannot steal the scooter! You can also connect the system into your turn signals and have them flash too.
2. If someone tries to steal your scooter you can kill the motor remotely, sounding the alarm.
3. If you cannot find your scooter in a parking lot, you can sound a short beep to locate it.
4. This system also plugs into your electric starter if you have one, and you can remotely start the scooter with a button! Pretty cool. This is done by bypassing the safety start devices. However if fitted to a geared scooter the scooter must always be left in neutral gear, and automatic scooters must always left on the centre stand with the rear wheel off the ground If you don't have an electric starter system the alarm still works.
5. Adjustable sensitivity detector to prevent false alarms.
Comes complete with two remotes and everything needed to install. Your scooter must have a battery to use this system. You can add one if needed.

We may substitute a similar model to the one if this exact one is unavailable.

Basic instructions are supplied in English with a diagram. Sorry, we cannot tell you exactly how to wire your particular scooter, however see the tech notes below for remote functionality for a Vespa.

Tech notes
This is how you would fit the alarm to a Vespa scooter, it would be a similar method for any other model:
To kill the motor with the remote: Normally you would install the main Alarm control box under the driver's left hand side panel, Connect the red wire to the 12 Volt battery and black to earth, run the grey and pink wires across to the right hand motor side ( you may have to extend them). On the motor side, the CDI has two green wires. Disconnect the one that goes up to the steering column ignition kill switch it is normally the outside wire on the system (the other green wire goes to the stator plate). Pull it out and connect it to the pink wire. Now plug the grey wire into that slot on the CDI.
To start the motor with the remote: The starter relay has two large terminals and two small. Three wires from the alarm go to the relay switch. Red goes to the big side, double red. This is the one that connects to the battery. Or you can connect the red wire straight up to the battery, positive side. Same thing.
On the smaller side of the relay, the orange goes to the wire that sparks with the ignition key turned on, and the blue to the terminal that has no spark with the ignition key turned on. You can find out which wire is the supply by plugging a wire into one of them, and then striking it against earth with the ignition key on. The wire that sparks is the power wire.
Finally run one yellow wire from the alarm control box to one flasher unit and the other yellow wire to a flasher unit on the other side of the scooter and they will flash when instructed by the alarm.

We have recently discovered that on some chinese models such as the Boatian BT125 T9, Behind the Front panel is a loom socket which allows the alarm to be plugged straight in. The socket coloured wires match that of the alarm, all but 2 which were the orange and blue, on the alarm these are both shown as yellow. These are the left and right indicators. Regardless of this colour difference just plug in, and the alarm is up and running.