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Beedspeed Recommended Torque Settings For Vespa

  V50, Primavera, PK -P125X, PX125E, P150X, PX150E -P200E, PX200E, T5 Mk. 1 & T5 Classic Component Foot Pounds(LBF. FT.) Cylinder head nuts - PK/PX125/150 (Standard) 9.5 to 13 Cylinder head nuts - PK/PX125/150 (Tuned) 13 to 15 Cylinder head...

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Automatic Scooter Engine, Explained

Automatic Scooter Engine, Explained The CYLINDER/PISTON The cylinder, cylinder-head and piston are some of the most important components in the engine. The upward stroke of the piston draws in the fuel/air mixture from the carburettor and the downward stroke of the...

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