Beedspeed dates back to the early 1980’s, when Alan ran scooter parts stalls at scooter rallies around the UK. Selling ….
The first Beedspeed shop was launched in Grimsby in 1983 on Sixhills Street and quickly became a popular parts store and repair shop, where local scooterists and clubs met up to socialize.
The shop became more and more popular and grew by word of mouth, advertising in magazines, and by continuing stalls at the National Scooter Rallies.
Beedspeed became the place for parts for you Lambretta and Vespa in the UK.
 In the early 2000’s, Beedspeed moved to its current location on Corporation Road, Grimsby.
Here the business continued to flourish, and with the introduction of the website and more advertising started to grow internationally, with the company shipping to all corners of the globe on a weekly basis.
 In 2016, Beedspeed began its next growth phase, with new warehousing systems introduced, new suppliers, and more exciting new products, and now with the launch of the new website, Beedspeed is now a true international player in the scooter industry, with over 15,000 parts stocked, with fast delivery from DPD, Royal Mail and UPS, and a vast array of scooter knowledge, from racing Vespa small frames to restoring classic Lambrettas. Beedspeed is truly the home of scooter parts in the UK and around the world.