Lambretta - Ignition Switch Set - Series 3 Li - TV Ign./Tool/Steering Lock

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Lambretta - Ignition Switch Set - Series 3 Li - Ign./ToolBox/Steering Lock

Set Includes, TV type Ignition Switch (Details below), Tool Box Lock, Steering Lock and a set of Three Keys.

Lambretta 4 Position Ignition Switch - Suitable for AC or DC

Specially produced by Beedspeed for the Modern Day Lambretta with DC Instruments.

This is the Lambretta TV ignition switch remade - It suites modern electronic Lambrettas with DC instruments such as Sat Navs / Fuel Gauges / Phone Chargers and modern Speedos etc. because they can all be isolated from the battery when the ignition is switch off and will operate as soon as the scoot is switched on.

It also has the old parking light facility while the engine is not running with the key removed which sometimes come in handy.

Lambretta colour coded wires to make it plug and play - Wiring information showing what each wire is for. ( see pdf above )

Suitable for all AC, mixed AC / DC or all DC such as the Wassel conversion. Some DC instruments can be run without a battery by fitting the DC type Lighting Regualtor / Rectifier Box. Instructions Supplied.

Key Positions:
Position P: Key can be removed - Parking lights on and ignition off.
Position 0: Key can be removed – Ignition Off.
Position 1: Key stays in – Scooter will run + DC supply available via white wire.
Position 2: Key stays in - Scooter will run + DC supply available via white wire + Pilot lights on
Position 3: Key stays in - Scooter will run + DC supply available via white wire + Main lights on.

Wire Colours and Functions:
Green = Ignition cut out.
Pink = Earth.
Brown = Main Lights Supply In - There is also a spare Brown supply wire down to the Horn if Needed.
Grey = DC Supply in for Pilot Lights and DC Instruments - or another wire from the Brown for AC Models.
White = DC Supply out for Instruments - AC out for AC Models
Orange = Main Lights Supply wire
Yellow = Pilot Light Supply wire
Black = Rear Light Supply Wire