Vespa 200 Rally P200E PX200 E Lusso Cosa SIP Performance NORDSPEED Design Racing Exhaust - Stainless Steel Polished

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An absolute high performance exhaust for experienced tuners.

High-end exhaust systems from a high-end Vespa tuning shop. Where a four-stroke motor requires valves, camshaft, exhaust and a turbo, a two-stroke just requires a well designed exhaust. A few pieces of sheet-metal modelled to create a form that harmonises perfectly with the layout and size of the openings in the cylinders bore, known as transfer and exhaust ports. The design of the resonance chamber not only influences the removal of hot exhaust gases, but the pulse effect also affects the flow of fresh fuel mixture into the cylinder. On modern two-strokes this technology is the main reason for its superiority over the four-stroke motor.

As simple as the description may seem, the creation of a properly formed expansion chamber body is a science for itself. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Really good exhaust fabricators are as rare as uncooked steak and often only maintain limited production runs, making their products usually expensive.

NORDSPEED, based near Bremen in northern Germany, enjoy an almost legendary reputation as far as the production of excellent race exhausts for vintage geared Vespa and Lambretta scooters is concerned.

The systems created by Tobi Rüßmann for the 200cc Vespa largeframe models represent an absolute benchmark in the world of exhaust manufacture. The limited space between the cylinder studs that leave the transfer ports with a restricted amount of air to breathe is his area of speciality and the design of his exhausts makes the best out of this unusual motor layout.

Technical specifications of all SIP by NORDSPEED exhaust systems :

– O-ring flange, suitable for all common cylinders.

– EGT connector.

– Lambda sensor connector.

– Flange plate allows the attachment of most common silencers.


The R2 represents the absolute peak of the performance scale. It can help realise power outputs that were, until its introduction, deemed impossible. It was specially conceived for combination with the MALOSSI MHR cylinder with the aim of fully releasing its performance potential - and the result is truly impressive. Power outputs of over 50PS have already been realised, measured at the rear wheel! It goes without saying that achieving these sort of performance figures requires precise modifications and also restricts the practicality of the scooter when used on the road. The R2 functions at high revs and this also leads to a nervous motor behaviour in everyday traffic situations. This feels similar to riding a highly tuned smallframe Vespa, but with noticeably more brute power to control.

To ensure the R2 releases its full potential it is essential that the peripheral components in the set up create the ideal working environment. These should include an inlet manifold with a large internal cross section and a carburettor with at least 35mm diameter. A potent tuning cylinder should also be included, such as the MALOSSI MHR or the QUATTRINI M232/244.

A real priority for the correct function of this exhaust though is the modification of the cylinders port timings. If these are not properly set up for the R2 it cannot release its full potential and is then actually less powerful than nominally weaker systems.

According to NORDSPEED the timings necessary to activate its true performance are :

– Transfer port timing : 138°

– Exhaust port timing : 198°