BeedTronic - Automatic Advance / Retard Ignition Unit Range Same As The Agusto


Introducing the new BeedTronic Automatic Advance / Retard Ignition Unit

Our answer to the discontinued Agusto units 

For Easier Starting, Faster Acceleration and a Cleaner Top End RPM.

The 6000 unit is for Standard or Tuned Vespa and Lambretta and Auto Scooter with Ducati Ignition Systems such as the Minarelli Engines.

The 7000 unit is for very high revving machines up to 9500 rpm such as well tuned up RB kits and Race Track machines. Plenty of advance with a slower retard of for more over rev.

The red wires from the Beedtronic unit simply fit in line with the red wire from the engine to the cdi and the black wire from the Beedtronic unit is bolted to earth.