Bulb - Halogen Headlight - BA20D - Bosch - 12V 50/50W - H4


Halogen Headlight Bulb - BA20D - H4 - 50/50 Watt - Brilliant White.

Bosch Fitting with all the advantages of a Powerfull H4 Halogen Top End

12 Volts 50/50 Watts

Blue Lens that glows brilliant white, as well as being halogen a built in shield reflects the light from dipped beam straight up and off the back of the reflector aiming the light forward and down, resulting in a higher output of light onto the road, as shown in the additional pictures and diagram below,
The Tip is UV Blocked to protect plastic Lenses.

Bosch BA20D is the Standard Headlamp Bulb fitting for most machines.

Diagram doesn't show actual bulb, it is solely for the purpose as an illustration of how a shield within the bulb works.