Carburettor - Jet - Vespa PX/T5/Rally Mixer Tube Dellorto Si


Vespa Carburettor Mixer Jet - For Dellorto Si Carb

Slots in between the Push in Main Jet and the Top Air Corrector Jet on the Si Carburettor

As Fitted too: Old Vespa, Super, Rally, PX, PE, Disc, T5, Cosa.

Dellorto jet part number 4571 -

Example Sizes BE3, BE4, BE5, BE6

Tuning Tip: There is no particular rating for richer or weaker but as a guide: BE4 is the weakest, BE5 is richer than the 4, BE6 is slightly richer than the 5 and BE3 is the richest.

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