CDI - DR - 99.24880- Variable For Gilera, Italjet, Piaggio


Race HT Coil with Built in CDI. The Kit varies the ignition timing in relation to r.p.m. Includes stepped woodruff key.

None Restricted Free Revving.

The CDI is designed to improve the performance of the scooter by modifying spark advance according to the engine rpm.

Part No. 99.24880

GILERA - DNA, Easy moving, Ice, Runner, Runner SP, Stalker, Storm, Typhoon, Typhoon X.
ITALJET - Jet Set, Torpedo New.
PIAGGIO - Free, Liberty, NRG, NRG Mc2, Ntt, Quartz, Sfera, Sfera Restyled, ET2, Zip, Zip Fast rider, Zip SP.