Cylinder Kit - 70cc - Airsal - 08A - A.C Buxy,Elyseo,Speedfight


Cylinder Kit - 70cc Airsal Big Bore -

Aluminium cylinder nicosil lined

?ò46 65.0cm ¬?

50cc Air Cooled Models
PEUGEOT Buxy, Elyseo, Looxor, Metal X, Speedake, Speedfight, Speedfight Kat, Squab, SV Geo, Trekker, Vivacity, Vivacity Kat, X Fight, Zenith

The Speedfight Silver Sport 50cc 2004+ and similar models have a small restrictive lug a few mm high cast into the crankcase cylinder fitting area, restricting the machine to the standard cylinder barrel. This lug or a small amount of the new cylinder base lug has to be Dremeled away for the new cylinder to seat properly.