Dellorto PHBH 28, 30 Tuning set for carburettor BGM PRO- Main jets (130, 135), idle jets (58, 60), atomiser (AS266), needles (X3, X7, X13)

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Tuning kit for the classic Dell'Orto PHBH series or its replicas (YSN)


  • Main jets: 130,135

  • secondary jets: 58,60

  • Mixing tube: AS266

  • Needles: X3, X7, X13

The set is a very good basic tuning for almost all tuned Vespa/Lambretta engines.

The main jet settles around 130-135 for most engine setups. Only rotary valve controlled Vespa engines usually run significantly leaner (120-125).

The secondary jet tends to be used in the 55 range in the Vespa range. It is usually part of the basic set-up of the PHBH carburettors and is therefore not included in this set.
Slotted Lambretta engines usually require the size of the side jets included in this set.

In the Vespa area the X2 needle is used very often, but this is installed in 90% of all PHBH from the factory, therefore it is not included in this set.
The X7 and X13 needles are variants of the X2 needle. The X3 needle has also proven to be a very good all-round needle.

The PHBH carburettors are adapted to their intended use (2-stroke or 4-stroke) via the mixing tube
Often the AV type is used for 2-strokes. However, with this type of carburettor the engines often tend to grease up with little slide stroke. The (shorter) AS type runs much better here.

With this set you are able to provide a very good basic setup for your engine.