Electronic Ignition HT Coil / CDI Converter - Rally to Ducati


Rally 200 Femsa Electronic Ignition Pulse Converter

For Converting Ducati Type CDI's for use on the Rally Femsatronic.

The Blue wire from the stator plate resistor is no longer required.

Sometimes Ducati style cdi's work on Rally 200 Femsa scooters and sometimes not but when they do work you risk doing damage to your engine because the Ignition timing will be incorrect. This units corrects the Ignition timing to the standard setting.

Simply connect the red and green wires from the engine to this unit and connect the unit colour coded wires to the Ducati style cdi.

What the other terminals on the unit can be used for:
The black from the stator plate and frame loom can be connected into the extra earth terminal on the unit as an extra earth if required.
The Red Ignition cut out wire from the main frame wiring loom can be connected directly to the second Red Terminal on the pulse unit instead of the stator plate red if required.

The unit is supplied with three alternative methods of mounting ( see pictures below ). 1. Sticky back double sided tape to stick the unit to the cdi or any position you choose. 2. A rubber mount, to fix to a metal lug or your spark plug lead. 3. A tie wrap to strap where you wish.

Size: 41mm Tall - 32mm Wide - 21mm Deep - 4 x 6mm Female Spades.