Lambretta - Barrel / Piston And Head 190cc Kit - Alloy - New

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Lambretta - Barrel / Piston And Head 190cc Conversion Kit

Series III - For standard 58mm Stroke Crank

Alloy Barrel with Thin Ringed Piston - 64mm Bore ( 64mm is often refered to as 185cc because originally the Suzuki 185cc pistons where used for this conversion - The actual cc is 187.5cc so the higher figure of 190cc is used for dvla reasons. )

Piston 64mm with 2 x thin 1.5mm rings

This NEW version has had the inlet port gasket surface cut at a different angle to the first version so that standard carbs or big bore carbs can be used. If using a 28/30mm Delo then either cylinder kit is ok.