Lambretta - Electronic Kit - Li/SX - Ducati/BGM Parts


Lambretta - Electronic Kit - Li/SX/TV - Ducati/BGM

Great saving on buying the individual parts!


Elec 2010 Spec Li Flywheel with shortened fins,
BGM V2 Super Charged 120w Stator Plate (includes black and grey sleeving),
Ducati Electronic HT Coil/CDI,
Swiss Lighting Regulator Box with 12v DC battery charging facility and 12 Volt DC available for running small accessories without the need for a battery ( Appointed Piaggio, LML and OEM,s Suppliers ).
Fitting / Wiring instructions.

12 Volt Lighting

Please note: If you are replacing a Series 1 , 2 or Early series 3 four pole flywheel and stator plate for the Electronic type , your flywheel nut will also have to be replaced with the SX/GP type - available separately.