Lambretta Series 1 2 3 GP DL SX TV 240cc Gran Turismo Racing Cylinder Kit Cast Iron

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GRAN TURISMO cylinders, cast-iron kits with reed-valve inlets for Lambrettas. Available with versions for the small-block 125-150-175cc engines, or with 200/240cc for the large-block types.

for Lambretta 200 TV/​SX/​DL/​GP

  • cast iron
  • Ø 70mm
  • stroke 62mm
  • 2 piston ring(s)
  • w/o cylinder head
  • with manifold 30mm and reed valve
TUNING ROAD - for everyday use

Richard Taylor, the man behind the GRAN TURISMO marque, is a legend on the UK vintage scooter scene, with a declared bias towards Lambrettas! Contrary to most currently available aftermarket tuning cylinders, his GT186, GT200 and GT240 cylinders are constructed using cast-iron.

  • Excellent touring cylinders
  • Usable power at a lower rev range
  • Easily re-bored for oversize pistons

Although cast-iron constructed cylinders cannot match the heat transference rate of aluminium types, these kits compensate in part with the inclusion of the innovative 'PORCUPINE' cylinder head with an increased cooling fin surface area. Additionally the torque-orientated design with a moderate top performance and lower revs does not create the amount of heat that makes aluminium essential on high performance types. Another advantage of the cast-iron design is their ability to be re-bored and fitted with an oversize piston if any damage should occur to the piston or cylinders bore. The pistons chosen for these kits are of high quality motorcycle production.

Ideal for home and away:

Richard concentrated his efforts during the design of these cylinders on providing solutions to everyday demands, capable of reliably mastering both the urban jungle and journeys further afield. Moderate port timings were consciously chosen to facilitate usable power and torque lower in the rev range, and not necessarily peaky high performance (although with certain modifications and peripherals they can also perform). In practice they enable taller geared engines to move the scooter at adequate speeds at much lower revs, improving both the overall reliability and the fuel economy. According to this philosophy of unobtrusiveness, the carburettors are also intended to be mounted on the left hand side, if the project allows, having the quieter option of retaining the original air filter arrangement.

Conclusion: A more traditional solution, ideal for providing an essential boost in performance to vintage Lambretta small-block engines. If peace of mind and reliability have more priority than peak performance figures then this range of tough kits are the sensible choice.


  • Cast-iron cylinders with oversize pistons available
  • High end Japanese pistons
  • Everyday versatility combined with touring qualities
  • Compatible with the original air filter, quieter
  • PORCUPINE cylinder head with larger cooling fins