Lambretta Series 1 2 3 Li GP SX TV 200cc Gran Turismo Crank Case

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Lambretta engine casings for all Lambretta LI and DL/GP models.

  • incl. gear box and bearing cover plate

 for tuned engines

The engine casings represent the framework upon which every engine is constructed. In the case of the Lambretta type they not only join the motor with the gearbox while incorporating an array of moving parts, but also serve as the swing-arm for the rear suspension of the scooter. The dimensions of these engine casings are decisive for the tuning potential offered to the projects constructor.

We have various engine casings available for the Lambretta LI I-III, SX and DL/GP models. They start with the original replacement type from SIL, continue with the all-new CASA PERFORMANCE and GRAN TURISMO upgrade casings, through to the completely CNC machined 'KILLER CASE' type from MMW.

The SIL engine casings are license-built originals from India. The overall quality is down a little from the original Italian versions and sometimes traces of improper storage can be found but in the end they do the job, without any major issues arising.

The UNI engine casing is an improved original replacement. It can replace the original housing of the Lambretta 200 models. The processing quality is on a higher level than that of the SIL housing. Some areas are also slightly reinforced than the original/SIL housing. Ideal for Road/Sport tuned Lambretta engines with racing cylinders on original studs.

The CASA PERFORMANCE engine casings were conceived and developed by the team at the high end tuning shop in Rimini, Italy. Their engine casings are suitably reinforced in all the necessary areas and offer enough material and space for larger cylinders, transfer ports and crankshafts to find their place. They decided to enable the casings to be split down the middle to facilitate a simpler exchange of the crankshaft. These engine casings represent part of the CASA PERFORMANCE complete concept for high performance Lambretta engines. They also have a range of improved crankshafts, cylinders, chain covers, clutches, etc. available to realise this. They are also compatible with many original type parts, but the crankshaft and cylinder are specific to these type of engine casings.

The English firm GRAN TURISMO produce a set of engine casings that, alongside many meaningful reinforcements, also has a number of improved mechanical details. They have various versions available. The basic type replaces the original and is suitably reinforced and has the original cylinder stud layout with a slightly enlarged cylinder base gasket area. Additionally they also have engine casings available that readily accept the cylinders produced by Simonini and Rotax with up to 400cc! These projects require crankcases large enough to accept bigger crankshafts with greater diameter crankshaft-webs. The carburettors reed valve inlet is located directly over the crankcase.

Conclusion: A vast array of aftermarket engine casings are available to suit the needs of all engine projects. From an original rebuild through to a fire-breathing 400cc monster motor, everything is possible!