Lambretta Series 1 2 3 Li GP SX TV SIP Clubsport Clubman Racing Exhaust - Bare Metal

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  • steel
  • clear coated
  • for standard Cylinder/MUGELLO/RAPIDO. incl. adapter 

Perfect road tuned exhaust suitable for all Lambretta LI (series I-III) and DL/GP models. Compatible with the original cylinder exhaust outlet and also available for race cylinders.

 Box-style exhausts have been popular on the Vespa scene for quite a while now. Recently, these inconspicuous exhausts systems have enjoyed increased use amongst Lambretta tuners. Their use on Lambretta models has tradition, with the first aftermarket concepts appearing as early as the 1960's. The most well known amongst them must be the 'Clubman' box system. The boom in the Vespa sector of the market has led Lambretta parts producers to rediscover these exhaust systems and invest time and money to bring them more up to date. Although an increase in performance for these pipes used to mean only the dimensions of the manifold section would be altered, these newly produced types possess carefully calculated conical manifold sections. These have the welcome effect of noticeably improving the exchange of gases in the cylinder.

  • Inconspicuous.
  • High in torque.
  • Accurate dimensioning and fit.

The advantages this type of race, or rather sports exhaust system, can provide are no secret. They are unobtrusive and create, at least a majority, a comfortable performance envelope. This means they are not designed to extract the maximum possible peak-performance from the motor, their strengths lie mainly in the delivery of an abundance of torque and constant power over a wider rev range.

The Clubsport box

The 'Clubsport' box exhaust takes the concept of the common Clubman system to the next level. Although the performance delivery as just as reassuring, torquey and as harmonic as the original they can facilitate a peak power value similar to those produced by full-blown racing expansion chamber exhausts. The Clubsport harmonises well with set ups road tuned for everyday use, so extreme port timings and piston-ported cylinder layouts should be avoided. Despite this, a relaxed commute and cool urban cruising can also be achieved when it is combined with a cylinder such as the Monza or TS1. Alongside all this, the designers of the Clubsport also did their homework when it comes to exact production dimensions and fitting. Their exhaust is precisely constructed and is very easy to mount, without any mechanical stress points. The individually welded segments of the visible manifold also ensure a decent sporting appearance.