Lambretta Series 1 2 3 Li GP SX TV SIP Performance Race Front Dampers Adjustable - Black

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Front shock absorbers for the Lambretta LI/TV/SX/GP models forks. Ideal for a retro-fit or as more sporting upgrade replacements for an improved suspension.

 Many Lambretta models left the factory as standard without shock absorbers for the front suspension and eventually were ridden in traffic by their customers. The front wheel was only provided with a pair of springs to improve the ride. Only their largest-capacity models were ever equipped with some form of damping for the front axle, which was obviously an enormous advantage for their handling, especially when compared to the models without this essential feature. These OE shock absorbers though also left a lot of room for improvement.

  • External reservoir.
  • Eight-stage adjustable rebound damping.
  • Available in various colours.

External reservoir.

The additional piggy-back mounted reservoir ensures a greater volume of hydraulic oil is available for the shock absorbers operation. This increased volume has the advantages of an improved thermal stability of the oil, which in turn facilitates a more consistent performance – especially under load.

Adjustable rebound damping.

The rebound damping can be adjusted to eight separate settings, or clicks, using the adjustment wheel located between the reservoir and the main body of the shock absorber. The rate at which the shock absorber then rebounds can be set up to suit the riding conditions and stiffness of the spring.

 for Lambretta 125 LI/​LIS/​DL/​GP/​150 LI/​LIS/​SX/​DL/​GP/​175 TV/​200 TV/​SX/​DL/​GP

  • body: black
  • rebound adjustment: adjustable
  • pair, with fluid reservoir
Chassis RACE - first-class


The shock absorbers are suitable for the assembly of gaiters. The gaiters are not included. 

Conclusion: Alongside the technological update the SIP front shockers also refresh the appearance of every Lambretta!