Lambretta Black Speedometer Revs/Temp SIP, KOSO Series 3 GP

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Lambretta - Speedometer - Digital - SIP/KOSO - Black - Mrk 2

Amazing Quality and Specs.
125 MPH / 199 KMH
Odometer ( shows mileage done )
Trip Meter
Run by the original speedo cable. ( Optional no Speedo Cable Plug in Sensor adapter available shortly )
Revs Counter up to 14000 RPM
Temperature Gauge ( Sensor sits under the spark plug )
Time Clock
Runs from 12 Volt AC or DC
Low Fuel Indicator (Optional - Requires Special Fuel Tap)

"Understatement is our business - a real hottie, the SIP rev counter is the new scooter dream tool - rev counter and speedometer in one, in original optics that defy comparison.

SIP, working together with a high end instrument company, developed this daring piece of equipment designed to carry the original style into new technical heights. For example, the face of this analog instrument is done in typeface with the km/h display virtually in the same position as the original. Measurements show 12,000, respectively, 14,000 rpm's, scaling is 100 x revs per min. Analog, and for exact displays, also digital. The display is a Black Edition version and practically invisible when the motor is off.

The following information is shown highly visible:

- speeds up to 199 km/h or 125 mph

- temperatures up to 250迓? C for cylinder head or water temperature, a temperature sensor for spark plugs is included in delivery

- Driving time

Additional options

- display 12,000, respectively, 14,000 rpm's

- total route mileage in km/miles

- driving time

- average speed 0-199 km/h / 0-125 mph

Quick and easy installation. Speed measurements are made in the same manner as the original, requiring no additional sensors.

Comes with an extra function for an external speedsensor (Not Included). So 2 options are possible.

Data reception can also be directed through the lighting. The SIP rev counter can be installed in the same manner as original speedometers. All data is recorded on internal database.

Speedometer functions on 12V AC/DC. No batteries needed! Adjustment and display changes are easily carried out through just a tip of the finger on the button, which can be mounted inconspicuously on or under the light switch.

Grand Prix feeling: your speedometer displays the hot touch of racing technology with a self test on motor ignition ;-).

Conclusion: The first high end instrument to combine speedometer and rev counter with original optics. Whether on the race track, on extended tours or curving around town, this new classic is at home delivering the goods.

Speedometer 199 kmh / 125 mph 12,000 / 14,000 rpm's

Highest speeds 0-199 kmh / 0-125 mph, rev counter analog/digital 0-14,000 rpm's, temperatures up to 250迓? C, 24 hour clock, total mileage display, single stretches up to 1,000 km/miles, driving time, average speeds 0-199 kmh / 0-125 mph, includes voltage regulator, temperature sensor installation parts."

Courtesy Of SIP

See the attached pdf for Beedspeeds basic wiring overview.