Manual - How To Restore Classic Smallframe Vespa Scooters


How to Restore Classic Smallframe Vespa Scooters - 2-stroke models 1963 -1986
By Mark Paxton


‚Ģ Real life restoration carried out by the author
‚Ģ Covers areas not found in traditional workshop manuals
‚Ģ Advice on whether to repair, renovate or replace components
‚Ģ Clear, concise text
‚Ģ Over 600 full colour photographs
‚Ģ Step by step guidance for those tricky jobs
‚Ģ Advice on parts
‚Ģ Special tools, their purchase, use and alternatives
‚Ģ Advice on what to leave to the professionals
‚Ģ No Smallframe Vespa owner would want to be without this book

This book investigates the reality of Vespa restoration in detail. The author strips and rebuilds Smallframe models in his workshop, outlining common problems and how to address them. Aimed at the do-it-yourself enthusiast and featuring over 600 clear colour photographs, it is an essential step-by step-guide to the complete renovation of your beloved scooter.

This book investigates the reality of renovating a Smallframe Vespa in detail, outlining the techniques to fully restore a complete wreck to factory fresh. The restoration is carried out by the author in his own workshop, and all stages of the process are covered. From frame welding and panel repair, to paint and trim, every process is clearly described and backed up by over 600 full colour photographs. Special tools, advice on their use, and even possible home-made substitutes are covered, along with advice on spare parts – no Smallframe Vespa owner should be without a copy.

Additional Information
Covers Smallframe Vespas – Vespa 50, 50N, 50L, 50 Special, 50R, 90, 125 Nuova, 125 Primavera, PK50, PK125, 1963 to 1986.
Does not cover Large frame Vespas, Automatic transmission models, Automatica, Plurimatic and Speedmatic.