Manual - Lambretta Manual of Performance Tuning And Conversions

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Manual/Book - Lambretta - The Lambretta Manual of Performance Tuning And Conversions

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This Lambretta 'Perfomance Tuning And Conversions' Manual is an exact and authentic reproduction of the unique and highly acclaimed original which was produced in the 1960's when Lambretta was the number one in two-wheeler sales in the United Kingdom.

Although many and the advertisers (and their prices) will have changed - the basic principle of tuning - sports exhausts, big bore carburettors etc., have themselves hardly changed - making this manual absolutely invaluable to the Lambretta and Servetta enthusiast"

"Section One
Conversions to capacity and to the specification or more powerful Lambretta Models using, where possible, genuine Lambretta components.

Section Two
Simple tuning of the 75S Vega Grand Prix 150, TV 175 Series 3 and Grand Prix 200 to 'Stage One' Level

Section Three
A survey of the menas available for improving engine performance and the special parts available

Section Four
A survey of conversions and special part not directly involved in increasing eninge output but of interest to enthusiasts."