Tyre - Continental - 350 X 10 - Blackwall Tyre K62


Continental 350 X 10 Blackwalll Tyre K62

The traditional tire for rider seeking a retro look.

‚Ģ With the combination of segment and block profiles, these tires achieve a traditional image

‚Ģ The modern tread compound makes current technology available for older scooters


Tubes in Tubeless Tyres - Inner-tubes of the correct size can be used with tubeless tyres if they are correctly fitted.

Known to fit:

PX, PE, T5, CLASSIC, RALLY, GT/GTR, SPRINT, LAMBRETTA (ALL FRONT AND REAR) CHETAK 125/150, S 125, PASSING, DIANA, PONY SR50, 50 GSA, SA 50 VISION, ST 50/70, ZB 50, NH 50/80/125, CH 125, CALYPSO 125, HEROISM 150, FLAME 125, SC 80L, LIDO 80/125, REXY 125, CS 80, AN 125, XC 125.