Vespa PX PE Rally Super Sprint VNA VBA SIP Road 3.0 Sport Style Racing Exhaust - Black

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Vespa 125 VNA VBA PX PE Lusso SIP Road 3.0 Sport Style Racing Exhaust - Black

Racing exhaust in sports look, the evolution of the much copied original. With the 3.0 version, the SIP Road exhaust achieves new performance potential.

The SIP Road is the archetype of the box exhaust systems. With it, the concept of a racing exhaust, based on a box in the look of the original exhaust systems of the Vespa Largeframe models, became known and popular to a broad mass of Vespa riders. The power delivery suitable for everyday use and the easy tuning of engines equipped with the SIP Road 2.0 are particularly pleasant. In recent years, many racing exhaust systems in box format have been developed and many manufacturers have brought such systems onto the market. Impressive power and torque values have been achieved. The top performance of the SIP Road 2.0 Box is now surpassed by several others. Only the easy handling, the compatibility with every engine concept and the starting torque remain unrivalled.

  • Optics of the "SITO Sport" exhaust systems of the 60s
  • strong torque and perfect suitability for everyday use
  • ideal for "plug and play" tuning setups with original carburettor

Nevertheless, it was time to develop a new box. The requirements were high. It should still work on any engine. It should work in an everyday/low rev range, it should have at least as much power in this range as the most powerful boxes on the market and it should achieve all this with a full-size box. The new SIP Road 3.0 should continue to be inconspicuous and compact. This proved to be the biggest challenge. Many manufacturers use larger boxes because it is easier to gain performance with a larger volume. Unfortunately, the set goals also stretched the development time. But the result is impressive. A small box that can be combined well with a wide variety of setups and has no need to shy away from comparison in the touring box sector.

The Sport version

The SIP ROAD exhaust system is also produced in the look of the "SITO Sport" exhaust systems of the 60s, some of which we still carry as NOS exhaust systems. But it is deliberately not a 1:1 replica. If the exhaust already looks sporty, it should be. That is why we have used the body and parts of the manifold of the SIP ROAD. The exhaust is coated red or black and has chrome-plated end pipes.

Comfortable power delivery in every riding situation

The power kicks in early and unfolds in a range that makes the way to work relaxed and the uphill pass confident. The reference for the development were cylinders like the Malossi Sport or the Polini. But also a Quattrini or Pinasco racing cylinder runs perfectly with the SIP Road 3.0. Combined with an SI carburettor for low conversion effort and reliable mechanics.

Modern in production and design

In order to achieve the performance increase compared to the SIP Road 2.0, not only did a lot of time have to be invested in the development, but the production also requires a little more effort. The manifold is not made of individual segments, it consists of pressed upper and lower shells. This minimises tolerances between the individual exhaust systems and there are fewer weld seams that are transverse to the flow direction of the exhaust gas. This was necessary to accommodate the larger manifold in such a way that neither cornering clearance was restricted nor did the exhaust come into contact with other components such as the main stand.

New qualities with proven advantages

Significantly more torque and a substantial increase in power. On the PX200 with Malossi Sport, depending on the setup, there is a 2 hp increase on the SIP Road 2.0. The same applies to the classic setup for the small blocks. A 177 Polini also registers a gain of approx. 2hp with the Road 3.0 compared to its predecessor. This promises riding comfort and ideal gear shifting. The sound of the SIP ROAD is pleasantly discreet and not too obtrusive, ideal for the city and the everyday cruiser. When fitting, please always make sure to adjust the fuel injection and ignition timing. If Vespa 125 VNA-TS/150 VBA-T4 pilots remove the 2nd tab of the exhaust, they can also ride all SIP Road PX models.

Conclusion: The SIP Road 3.0 is a successful update of the classic exhaust. The advantages of the 2.0 version are retained. However, the power can be increased slightly by approx. 2 hp. A racing exhaust in original look and with super fit, high quality and noble workmanship. Increased power and torque, heat-resistant paintwork at the best price-performance ratio.

Technical details:

  • significant power and torque increase compared to SIP Road 2.0
  • based on full-size box
  • classic/sporty look with two chrome pipes
  • Deep-drawn manifold for exact design and better power delivery
  • exact fit for easy "plug and play" installation
  • tight manifold routing for full lean angle freedom
  • Additional mounting with springs to protect the exhaust flange