Vespa V50-125 Prim ET3 PK S XL QUATTRINI 144cc M1B-60-GTR Racing Cylinder Ø60mm

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Vespa 50-125 PV ET2 PK S XL 144cc M1B-60-GTR Racing Cylinder Ø60mm

for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK/​S/​XL/​2

  • aluminium
  • 5 ports
  • Ø 60,0mm
  • 1 piston ring(s)
  • with cylinder head
  • outlet 3-parts
  • M8 exhaust studs

All QUATTRINI cylinders are produced to very exacting standards and have a finish of almost unique quality. Race standard technology with an extremely durable quality is no contradiction with all QUATTRINI products. The M1-60 as also the largest capacity cylinder produced by Max Quattrini and his team of tuners.

The long established M1 kit has been rebored to a diameter of 60mm increasing its capacity to a whopping 144cc! Five transfer ports including two supplementary Boysen ports (extra inlets, directly to the transfer channels) ensure a solid supply of fresh fuel charge to the cylinder. A large exhaust port with two large side ports, a centralised cylinder head and an Italian produced piston possessing a 1mm thick HQ ring are further well known details of this range of cylinders. Although the M1-60 cylinder has been bored out to the limit, the motor casing must not be machined to fit this cylinder kit, as opposed to the M1L-60 with its 9mm cylinder base height. All of the M1 cylinders are 'plug and play' in combination with the specially produced QUATTRINI Vespa smallframe motor casings.

The M1L-60 with its cylinder mounted reed valve manifold has four large reed petals especially to fit its XL dimensions.

Conclusion : Max personally recommends this kit for street and touring use, although those with racing ambitions should also be more than satisfied...

Aluminium/ 60mm bore/ 5 transfer ports/ 144.2cc

Aluminium cylinder, 51mm stroke, 5 transfer ports including 2 XL side ports, single-channelled boost port, piston equipped with a 1mm thick HQ piston ring, 8mm cylinder studs, centralised cylinder head with semi-spherically CNC machined combustion area, gasket set included.

The recommended timings are: 126 deg. Before Top Dead Centre (TDC) and 54 deg. after TDC for the M1-60 kit. Vespatronic systems (or similar) require a setting of 24 deg.@1500 rpm. Suitable sparkplugs include the NGK B8HS and B9HS.

The use of this kit deserves an upgrade of the relevant peripheral components and the carbs jetting as well as the ignition settings should be checked and adjusted for safe and enduring use of this powerful cylinder. It is fully compatible with all Vespa PV/ET-3/PK/XL/XL-2 models engines apart from the PK Automatica. The existing transfer port channels on the motor casings should be enlarged and matched to those of the cylinder and on the flywheel side the upper part of the stator mounting also requires modification.