Vespa V50-125 Prim ET3 PK50-125 S/XL QUATTRINI Full Circle Crankshaft 51mm Stroke 102mm Conrod - 51mm Stroke 102 Conrod

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Vespa 50-125 PV ET3 PK50-125 S SS XL Full Circle Crankshaft 51mm Stroke 102mm Conrod - Quattrini 51-102

for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK50-125/​S/​SS/​XL/​XL2
  • reed valve
  • stroke 51.0mm
  • conrod 102.0mm
  • Sport - con rod
  • cone 25/24mm, M12x1,25
  • fine balanced
TUNING RACE - for professionals

With his companies brand new full circle crankshaft, Max QUATTRINI presents one of the highest quality, high-end crankshafts presently available for smallframe Vespa models. Its prototype cleaned up virtually all of the 1st place victories available in the Italian 2011 scooter racing season.

This full circle crankshaft was developed especially for use in combination with the smallframe motor casings, also produced by QUATTRINI. It possesses 20/20mm oil seal/bearing seating diameters, identically dimensioned crank webs with diameters of 83mm each and a con-rod with a length of 102mm (stroke 51mm). This specially produced item ensures an adequate primary compression coupled with a greater transfer of fresh fuel charge. The big-end of the con-rod is slotted to allow sufficient lubrication of the bearing within. The crankshaft is perfectly balanced and weighted and runs extremely smoothly on current QUATTRINI motor set-ups with power outputs of around 40 PS!

Helpful Hint: Due to the 47mm combined overall width of the crank webs this crankshaft can only be used in combination with the motor casings also produced by QUATTRINI.

Conclusion: Everything produced at the house of QUATTRINI can make you go misty-eyed. This crankshaft is no exception!

Full circle crankshaft/ 51mm stroke/ 102 con-rod/ 20-20mm oil seal-bearing seat/ M12x 1.25

Full circle crankshaft with matching webs, solidly constructed 102mm con-rod, oil seal seating 20mm,bearing seating 20mm,blunt/thick cone stub with a M12 thread, small end bearing included.