Vespa V50 S/SR/R SIP Tubeless Wheel Rim 2.15" Closed 4 Hole - Black with Polished Edge

Product Code: BD16832


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Vespa 50 S SR Sprinter Revival 2.15" Closed SIP Tubelss Wheel Rim - Black with Polished Edge

also for Vespa 50 N/​L/​R 
  • 2.15 Ø 10"
  • closed
  • matt black with polished edge
  • 4-hole

Innovation in style, technology and safety. Now SIP tubeless rims are also available for the 9" Fuffies in the well-known, excellent quality. The closed SIP aluminium rim is 10" in diameter; as a sheet metal rim, this size was fitted as standard ex works on the S, SR, Sprinter and Revival models of the Vespa 50. This means that the full range of available 10" tyres can be fitted.

In the case of damage, the double hump tyre bed prevents sudden air loss in accordance with modern design guidelines; the air pressure drops slowly. Burst inner tubes are a thing of the past. Even a valve rupture or a flat tyre caused by the inner tube getting stuck are a thing of the past.

  • Stable handling
  • Improved concentricity
  • Perfect surface finish & pre-mounted valve
  • Also available with pre-mounted tyre

The full range of available 10" tyres can be fitted. The one-piece SIP aluminium rims have a noticeably better concentricity due to higher manufacturing precision. The handling is more stable, which is also due to the 10" diameter. The larger diameter extends the overall gear ratio. The standard tyre size of most 50 cc Vespas is 3.00-10". This makes the gear ratio about 8% longer than original 9" wheels. This means lower revs and higher top speed, is ideal for lightly tuned Fuffies, but even original Vespa 50s will still pull up hills with these wheels with ease. The finish of the fully CNC machined surface is perfect. Several colour variations are available, as well as a fully bright turned polished rim and a painted one with polished rim.


Clearance to add-on and engine parts should be checked before use. Many tubetype (TT) tyres may also be used as tubeless (TL) tyres. Mounting should be carried out by a specialist company, carefully and without damage (mounting irons and a suitable mounting surface are strongly recommended). Do not damage the surface under any circumstances! Tyres should only be mounted with the tyre mounting paste intended for this purpose. Never use oil or other lubricants, otherwise the tyre will lose its secure fit during operation! If you like it comfortable, you can order the rim completely mounted with tyres from us.

Conclusion: Innovative rim in classic design. Noticeably smoother running and improved handling. Wider choice of tyre types available. Precise workmanship, high-quality finish and modern safety level.

Technical details

  • Aluminium rim, painted, 2.15-10 inch, tubeless
  • Long valve (the short ones cause problems at some old English petrol stations), pre-assembled
  • The original wheel mounting bolts with tapered seat can still be used.
  • The centre hole for centring on the wheel hub can be closed with Vespa dust caps.