Vespa V50 N/L/R 1°/ Special Condensor Effe - 1 Wire

Product Code: BD16144


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Vespa Condenser - One Wire - 50/N/L/R 1°/Special V5A2T/V5B1T 1° - EFFE

  • h 32 mm
  • Ø 20 mm
  • 1 cable (yellow), mF 0,35

Condensers or capacitors are a part of your electrical system that do not deserve to be neglected. The condenser operates in parallel to the points breaker circuit so minimizing erosion of the contact point, actuated by rotation of the permanent magnets located in the flywheel and electrical arcing between the separated contact surfaces. A deterioration of the point surface occurs according to total mileage covered during the lifetime of this part. The result of this erosion is a weaker, reddish ignition spark, before it fails completely.

We have the original condensers of the Italian manufacturer EFFE, Italy and have capacitors for almost all Vespa and Lambretta models. In addition, we offer a good and cheap alternative to the EFFE condensers, which we can also offer for the most common models. Most of the PIAGGIO capacitors for the old Vespas also come from EFFE. CEAB supplies reinforced capacitors and promises higher quality materials. The ground cables are also soldered and ensure constant contact.

In addition, we offer a good and cheap alternative to the EFFE capacitors, which we can also offer for the most popular models.

Conclusion: Condensers or capacitors, should be changed regularly and also included in your glove-box for the longer runs.