Vespa Electronic Vespatronic Kit GS150


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The unique electronic ignition system, 12v 90W with variable timing for the Vespa GS150cc.

It is quite obvious that the advantages which the VESPATRONIC ignition provides to racing scooters will also be a welcome improvement and update to the engines of earlier VESPA models. To satisfy these potential customers Max and Tino have developed a range of VESPATRONIC ignition kits to suit vintage VESPAs. The main advantage these modern ignition kits have over the OE PIAGGIO setup of the earlier models is that they are completely electronic. These ignition systems are virtually maintenance free as opposed to the existing points ignition setups on the older machines. Another advantage of the VESPATRONIC system is that the ignition point varies according to the RPM of the motor. More power in the lower end of the rev-range combined with lower combustion temperatures are advantages to every cylinder, tuned or not. Machines equipped with a 6v electrical system will benefit especially in the lights department from the extra power available..

Conclusion: An ideal and reliable supply of electrical current, improved torque in lower revs coupled with more stability in the higher end of the rev range: a definite improvement and upgrade for all vintage VESPA motors.

VESPATRONIC ignition kit

Parts Included: Flywheel weight 1700 g, Stator plate, CDI unit, electronic regulator, mounting toolsand wiring diagrams ( see attached pdfs ).
The flywheel cooling fan is not included with the GS kit. Your old fan can be fitted by slightly enlarging the hole in the center. Vespatronic fans are available but they cost around 迓澹120 so ussually customers prefer to fit their original one.

The technical features are as follows:

  • Timing adjusts automatically, with a pre programmed curve of up to 8 degree
  • High power output, 12V 90W easy starting, greatly improved performance
  • HT coil and regulator are both efficient and compact, can easily be fixed anywhere
  • The regulator supplies a clean current assuring stable current for long life for bulbs and electrical systems
  • Regulator can be used for both AC and DC, battery charge out will even allow you to run a PC or mobile phone!
  • The power of the regulator is both powerful and strong, even at low revs there is enough power to run 35W halogen bulbs, giving safe riding night or day
  • Twin sparks on each revolution also burns the waste gasses still in the cylinder, greatly reduces pollution
  • The easy interchangeable nature of the system and its parts makes maintenance and repair very easy, without the need for specialist charges
  • The electrical components can be replaced with just two bolts, with no need to reset or adjust the timing. All parts are checked and tested by us.
  • All kits supplied complete including electrical diagram securing spanner and puller.

For use with VESPA GS150 VS2 5T/VDTS