Vespa GTS 250cc 300cc 2014-2016 BGM PRO SC/F1 Sport Front Shock Absorber 280mm

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The BGM PRO SC shock absorber series is one of the finest suspension components you can treat your scooter to. CNC machined, high-strength aluminium (6061) which is finally equipped with an absolutely corrosion-resistant hard anodized coating, form the basis for the high-end chassis. The very stable piston rods are machined in a very complex way to get perfect surfaces with ideal gliding characteristics. Thus a sensitive response is combined with absolute stability. The various adjustment possibilities offer a wide range of possibilities, which makes the BGM PRO shock absorbers the ideal tuning for touring as well as for the sporty driver. Sporty taut or rather comfortable soft, everything is possible within a few clicks.


  • with KBA test mark / ABE
  • high-strength aluminium, CNC machined
  • hard anodised surfaces for optimum protection
  • sporty-harmonious-looking damping technology
  • high-quality components for a long service life
  • massive 13,5 mm piston rod
  • infinitely variable adjustment of spring preload
  • ready-to-install complete solution
  • COMPETITION: + Adjustable rebound + compression damping

We distinguish between the series SPORT and COMPETITION.
Both have the same high-quality basis in common.


The SPORT Series has an adjustable spring preload. This allows the chassis to be adjusted to different driver weights/vehicle loads. The damping is fixed and offers a good compromise between comfort and sport.

  • BGM PRO SC/F1 Sport
  • BGM PRO SC/R1 Sport

The abbreviation F1 here stands for front = front with fixed damping.
R1 stands for rear = rear with fixed damping.

The COMPETITION Series has adjustable spring preload and fully adjustable damping. This allows the chassis to be adjusted to different driver weights / vehicle loads. The damping can be adjusted separately in rebound and compression and thus meets even the highest demands.

  • BGM PRO SC/F16 Competition
  • BGM PRO SC/R12 Competition

The abbreviation F16 stands for front = front with 16-fold adjustable damping of the compression stage.
R12 stands for rear = rear with 12-fold adjustable damping of the compression stage.
Common to both types is the 44-fold adjustable rebound damping (upper adjustment wheel).

We offer different COMPETITION shock absorber sets:

The F16 Competition Sets contain a fully adjustable Competition shock absorber at the front axle and R1 Sport shock absorbers at the rear axle. These sets are therefore cheaper than the R12 version.

The R12 Competition Sets contain fully adjustable Competition shocks on both the front and rear axle. These sets represent the high-end development stage and offer everything the demanding driver desires.