Vespa Front Hub 8" to 10" Wheel Conversion Kit Old Vespa

Product Code: BD04149


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Vespa - Hub - Front Hub - 8" to 10" Wheel Conversion Kit

"Size does matter! With this conversion kit from 8" tyre to 10" tyre the chassis quality of the classic model of Vespa is substantially improved. Superior ground clearance, better road holding on curves, optimised directional stability, extended transmission and a clearly bigger range of mountable tyres are the awards of this conversion.

For those who do not use a PX engine but still want to drive on a 10" basis, we offer a drum brake conversion kit. In general, the changeover to a 10" basis results in a considerably more stable braking effect for the rear and the front than the small wheeled system.

The conversion at the front is relatively easy to implement. The supplied dust cover has to be riveted to the swing-arm, which requires a little effort. This suits models with a 1-hole brake shoe attachment, incl. drum brake, axle, brake shoe, speedometer drive and woodruff key.

At the rear the drum brake, dust cover and brake pads are replaced. This only for models with a 2-hole brake shoe attachment.

Apart from the front dust cover all of the supplied components are Plug&Play."

Listed as fitting the 8" models of,

VESPA 125 125 VM1-2T 2T AC `52-`54
VESPA 125 125 V30-33 2T AC `51-`53
VESPA 125 125 VN1-2T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 125 (T1/125) (D) 125 VNA1-2 2T AC `57-`59
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC `59-`65 -> VNB5 026920
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC `59-`65 VNB5T 026921 ->
VESPA 125 ACMA 125 2T AC `51-`55
VESPA 125 Super 125 VNC1T 2T AC `65-`69
VESPA 150 150 VBB1-2 2T AC `60-`67 -> VBB2 212455
VESPA 150 150 VBB1-2 2T AC `60-`67 VBB2 212456 ->
VESPA 150 150 VB1T 2T AC `57-`58
VESPA 150 150 VBA1T 2T AC `58-`60
VESPA 150 150 VL1-3T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 150 (T1/150) (D) 150 VL1T 2T AC `55
VESPA 150 (T2/150) (D) 150 VD1T 2T AC `56
VESPA 150 (T3/150) (D) 150 VD2T 2T AC `57-`59
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D) 150 VGLA-B 2T AC `59-`65
VESPA 150 Super 150 VBC1T 2T AC `65-`79
VESPA Hoffmann C 125 - 2T AC `54
VESPA P150 S 150 VBX1T 2T AC `78-`90