Vespa Lambretta Scooter BUZZWANGLE Timing Tool Kit

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Buzzwangle FULL KIT for accurate timing for Vespa, Lambretta, Ducati, Motoplat, Vespatronic, Varitronic, Parmakit ignitions.

  Available here the full Buzzwangle timing tool kit - all the items you need to make full use of the digital timing device down to a tenth of a degree.  No more eyeballing it.  No more woefully inadequate timing discs.  This is the future and the future is now.

 Kit Consists of the following items : 
BUZZWANGLE 4-WAY Billet Engine Mount Tool
The 4 way engine mount tool will fit direct to your flywheel and in most cases can be used without you having to undo the flywheel nut.  The tool comes pre cut with 4 different threads so its suitable for use with a variety of different bikes and scooters , namely :
  • "L" M27x1.25 - This covers LAMBRETTA as well as many Ducati, some MZ and some Motoplat ignitions
  • "V" M28x1.0 - This covers VESPA as in all P-range and all geared Vespa Scooters including all the LML variants as well as many general Piaggio and Gilera ignitions
  • "VT " M27x1.0 - Initially included for the VESPATRONIC this size thread will also cover other motorcycle  flywheels including some Hondas
  • "P" M24.1.0 - This Covers the latest Parmakit ignitions as well as a host of bikes such as the  50cc models from Kymco, MBK, Peugeot, Honda and Yamaha

* BUZZWANGLE™-O-METER 360 - Digital 360 Degree Inclinometer device

When used in conjunction with magnetic coupling on the Buzzwangle 4-way tool this Buzzwangle-o-meter 360 allows you to measure a full 360 degrees with a tenth of a degree accuracy around the center axis of the crankshaft.   Unlike other Digital inclinometers out there which are often designed for the building trade where only 0 to 90 degrees is required our custom version goes from a full 0.0 to 360.0 degrees.  


Machined out of 6061T Billet Aluminium this tool winds directly into your spark plug thread to allow you to find Top Dead Centre with ease.  The piston stop will work with regular M14x1.25 as well as M10x1 thread spark plugs.