Vespa PX PE 125-200 SIP PERFORMANCE COSA 2 CR80 Race Clutch Friction Plates

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Clutch Friction Plates SIP Performance with enduring, lightweight plate material for the COSA 2 Clutch

for Vespa PX125-200 E Lusso '95->/​'98/​MY/​'11/​Cosa 2

  • Ø 108 mm
  • 4 plates
  • sintered
  • th 1x 2,40, 3x3,00mm
  • 45 frictional segments

With the conveniently large array of clutch baskets currently available for largeframe Vespa engines with Cosa clutches, you can be sure to find the correct solution for your requirements that will function under all circumstances. The large selection caters for every type of set up, whether equipping a strong tourer or even a 50PS racer. The largest reserves of capability are provided by CNC machined types, such as the SIP Ultrastrong or the MMW Superstrong clutch baskets. The weakest link in the drive train has always been occupied by inferior frictional material and/or the friction plates themselves.

  • Light, durable carrier material
  • Compatible with original Cosa2 clutches
  • Available with different covering materials

There are a number of different frictional surfaces covered with a variety of materials which are most certainly quite efficient. This is where the plate material becomes relevant. They are often made of a cheap pressed steel plate which means that the power is transmitted through the clutch basket along the thin, soft tab edges which then rattle when the motor is on tick-over. If the basket is made of a harder material than the plates, they wear rapidly and require regular replacement.

High-end friction plates are constructed using aluminium alloy and possess reinforced tabs. To integrate this technology within a Vespa largeframe engine modified motorcycle clutch plates, such as those from the Honda CR80, have been made available or even whole clutch baskets created to house these plates. Regrettably this conversion brings a few problems along with it, such as being very hard to run-in satisfactorily and difficult to dose without snatching. Another disadvantage is they wear very quickly and must be replaced more often than even the original friction plates. These issues are caused by the increased internal diameter of motorcycle-style clutch plates, which might increase the maximum transmittable power but also makes their operation more unpredictable and aggressive. Now though, plates with the original dimensions are perfectly capable of transmitting up to and over 50PS.

SIP Performance clutch frictional materials:

The clutch baskets for the Vespa largeframe models can finally be simply upgraded with state-of-the-art clutch technology, in the form of these new SIP Performance clutch frictional materials, applied to aluminium friction plates. The clutch plate tabs, that engage with the slotted flanks of the clutch basket, are reinforced. This prevents them from damage while on tick-over due to an unequal relationship between the plates own weight and its narrow edges, as the power is transmitted over a greater contact area.

The total weight of the clutch assembly is reduced and the aluminium plate material transmits heat caused by running-in more efficiently, making the clutch more thermally stable in use.


The SIP PERFORMANCE RACE "CR80" "COSA 2" plates are available with two different materials, "sintered" and "black carbon". The sintered material is a very high quality and durable material for high-performance everyday engines. It represents a nice compromise between power transmission and drag behavior. The "black carbon" is perfect for use on the racetrack. It is more heat-resistant and can be smoothly drag in even under full throttle. This requires more pressure to transmit the same force as the coverings with the sintered material.

Advantages over common Cosa clutch frictional materials:

  • Less wear on the tab edges.
  • Reduced overall weight.
  • Improved heat-transmission.

Advantages over motorcycle clutch frictional materials:

  • Improved running-in.
  • More durable frictional surfaces.

Conclusion: The perfect complement to modern clutch basket technology. Extends the working life of the clutch friction plates, even in highly-tuned motor set ups.