Vespa PX PE T5 125 VNA-TS 150 VBA Super Sprint GS160 SS180 PINASCO Slave Mega 8x Crankcase

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Vespa PX PE T5 125 VNA-TS 150 VBA Super Sprint GS160 SS180 PINASCO Slave Mega 8x Crankcase

High-quality crankcase as a replacement or for tuned motors of the Vespa largeframe models.

  • Reinforcements in all particularly stressed areas
  • Lots of material for the design of the transfer ports and the inlet

All of these PINASCO motors are provided with extra cast aluminium material surrounding the transfer ports. This allows them to be safely enlarged avoiding the danger of breaching the casings during enlargement. Another advantage is that a sufficient gasket surface area is still available following tuning work, without having to weld extra material to the casings. The material surrounding the inlet opening has been extended over the centre of the crankshaft area below, also facilitating easier enlargement when preparing the motor for a larger carburettor. The clutch side of the crankcase has also been improved in this way.

The aluminium alloy used for these motor casings is of the highest grade which helps prevent twisting and cracking. All cut-outs are 100% true to the original design and are milled from the casings using high-precision CNC machining. These motors have numerous reinforcements where necessary such as the extra material around the flywheel-side drive shaft bearing and surrounding the rear shock-absorber mounting eyelet. These cases are based upon the later PIAGGIO motors including an electric-starter motor and therefore require the e-starter compatible flywheel-cover to be used. The flywheel-side crankshaft bearing opening has been designed to accept the larger, more stable bearing from the Vespa T5 motor and also possesses a lubrication channel making the fitting of an overworked standard PX bearing a thing of the past.

These motors are compatible with all suitable stator-plate assemblies, without any extra modification or spacers being needed. Extra locator-studs have also been included to ensure exact and lasting crankcase positioning, essential for high-performance motor set ups. All rubber bushes are produced using a more solid material than standard, which also helps to raise the overall stability under load. The rest of the construction is equivalent to that seen on the PX motors that were equipped with an outer drive-shaft oil-seal, ensuring its compatibility with all relevant spares that are available for this later type of motor.


The 'Master' crankcases are designed for disc-valve induction type motors and are also laid out to be compatible with the original fuel-oil mix mechanism.

The 'Slave' crankcases possess an inlet port positioned centrally over the gap between the crankshaft webs and are not compatible with the PIAGGIO fuel-oil mix metering system. A PINASCO produced reed-valve manifold assembly including reed-petals, manifold-stuffer, gaskets, connection rubber and manifold comes as part of the delivery. The PINASCO 'Slave’ four-petal reed-valve manifold has dimensions corresponding to those of the manifold included with the YAMAHA RD 350 and with light modification, all RD 350 components can also be fitted to the PINASCO unit. The carburettor manifold consists of a connection rubber and base-plate and is 360° rotatable enabling easier adjustment and positioning. It is compatible with all PHBH 28-30mm / VHS 24-30 / TMX 27-30 and PWK 28-30 carburettors.

The "Mega 8x" version is equipped with a larger membrane than that of the "Slave 2.0" version. The membrane size is known from Zirr, Falc or Casa Performance cylinders. The scope of delivery includes a CNC milled, gold-colored anodized intake manifold for a 34mm carburettor. Ribs were also added to the bearing seat and auxiliary shaft for reinforcement. The diameter of the crankcase is designed for use with oversized crankshafts.

Conclusion : A lot of high-end motor casing for relatively little money! These brand-new motor casings ensure that in future many more touring and high-end motor tuning projects can be properly and reliably created.