Vespa PX PE T5 Cosa VNB VBA Super Sprint POLINI Reed Valve 360° 30mm Carburettor Kit

Product Code: BD16165


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New 360° membrane intake manifolds from Polini. Suitable for all the engine case versions of the large frame engines such as the Vespa Sprint, Rally, PX, Cosa.

As for all the conversions to a diaphragm controlled intake, the original rotary valve control via crank cheek is no longer necessary.

  • The original rotary valve inlet is damaged
  • The desired engine power should be significantly above 25hp.
    Optionally a crankshaft for diaphragm inlet is recommended for a further increase of the engine performance.


    • Intake rubber infinitely variable 360° adjustable
    • Good insulation of the carburettor against the engine heat
    • Low installation height
    • Gummed, self-sealing diaphragm body with 0.3mm carbon platelets
    • cover of the oil pump hole
    • Fits motor housing with short or long sealing surface

    Attention: For assembly it is necessary to screw two threaded bushes (enclosed) into the holes of the carburettor fixing screws of the engine housing. The connecting piece itself is fixed to the engine housing with two M5 hexagon socket screws.

        • inner diameter: 30mm
        • outer diameter: 35mm
        • reed valve
        • rubber connection
        for tuned engines

      NOTE: In order for the connecting piece to fit also on engines with a so-called small sealing surface (T5 and PX80-150 with less than 60 millimeters sealing surface, measured between the holes for the carburetor fixing screws), it has a shoulder inside the connecting piece to increase the sealing surface.
      On housings with a long sealing surface, this can of course be removed and the connecting piece can be milled further.