Vespa PX125 PX150 Sprint GT GTR BGM Pro BigBox TOURING Exhaust V2

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Revised version of the popular touring exhaust system from BGM. Called BBT for short, the system now features a new manifold as well as flatter exhaust tips.


The power level as well as the ground clearance have been raised significantly compared to the previous version. The proven features of the previous Bigbox Touring system have been retained. So the buffalo-like character with rich torque at start-up remains, as well as the high and early power peak. However, the power bandwidth as well as the maximum power/torque values are significantly higher. Thus, the new Touring revs out significantly further than the previous BBT.


The internal structure has also been changed. The connecting tube from the reso chamber to the damper chamber has been enlarged. This means that even very powerful engines can be run at continuous full throttle without any problems and without performance fading.


The tail pipe has now also been enlarged from Ø18mm to Ø20mm. However, to reduce the noise level, the BBT2 has an inserted tailpipe with Ø18mm. This cross-section is completely sufficient for almost all engines up to 190cc and approx. 22-25HP (this value varies depending on engine design and achievable rpm).Those who drive a very powerful setup with high continuous rpm can remove the Ø18mm tailpipe, which is fixed with only one welding spot, and then have the full Ø20mm cross-section.


  • Original optics

  • High torque

  • Thermally stable, even on powerful engines

  • No power loss

  • Speed range as original with 'reserve upwards

  • Very inconspicuous

  • Fits without modifications also on Rally/Sprint

  • Solid construction with reinforcement plate between manifold and body

  • Stable clamp on cylinder

  • Handmade in Europe


  • No certification

Please note:

Select the main jet about 4-6 numbers larger than with the original exhaust.

TIP: Overbred engines whose cylinders have too long head angles are also perfectly drivable again with this exhaust!