Vespa PX80-200 PE EFL MY T5 Auto Lube Petrol Tank with Fuel Gauge

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Vespa PX80-200 PE EFL MY T5 Auto Lube Petrol Tank with Fuel Gauge
  • Bare Metal Finish
  • 8 Litre Capacity

New fuel tanks for the Vespa largeframe models, ideal as replacements and upgrades with added volume.

Every Vespa owner and mechanic who has ever cleaned the interior of a fuel tank with an anti-corrosive product or had to shake one filled with broken glass, should greatly appreciate the availability of these newly-produced fuel tanks! The amount of work involved in this process can no longer be really justified, considering the amazingly low price of these brand-new tanks.

  • Available for all models.
  • Perfect as replacements for restoration projects.
  • Also available with XL capacity.

We have the OE fuel tanks from LML and PIAGGIO in stock and available. Additionally we also have our own versions hand-produced by a qualified sheet-metal craftsman in premium quality. These are constructed according to the exact dimensions of the OE fuel tanks they are meant to replace. This ensures a perfect fit, they are also all painted with a protective base coat and easily master any comparison to the quality of the original fuel tanks.

Size matters

The fuel tanks for the Vespa largeframe models can be split into three main types. From the Vespa VNA, through to the Sprint models, the fuel tanks had a standard capacity of 7.7 litres. Those found on the PX models, when compared to earlier produced models, a differently designed base construction. This resulted in a slightly more voluminous eight litre fuel capacity. The Lusso models, with an automatic fuel-oil mixture mechanism, lost a half litre capacity and can only store 7.5 L of petrol due to the oil tank supply tube running through its centre.

The fuel tanks from the Vespa GS160, SS180 and Rally models represent the most unusual design found in the types available for the largeframes. These are vertically extended, providing an extra half litre volume, resulting in an original 8.2L capacity! Regrettably these items are not compatible with most Vespa largeframe seat frames, as the raised section of the fuel tank collides with the lower half of the seat before it can be closed. These tanks can only be fitted in combination with the original style of seat that was fitted to either the Vespa GS160, SS180 or Sprint models.

If you are a rally-going, hardcore tourer then you will appreciate our SIP XL fuel tanks for vintage largeframe Vespa models. The lower half of these custom items is taken from the series 1 PX design fuel tank, the upper is from the legendary Vespa Rally model. This results in a total capacity of around 8.5L!

Caution is advised when ordering some of the fuel tanks produced in India. A number of these temptingly low-priced items originate from the BAJAJ scooters and are only provided with a miniscule 6.7L fuel capacity!