Vespa T5 Cosa PK XL2 BGM PRO Steering Washer Nut Set

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Vespa T5 Cosa PK XL2 BGM PRO Steering Washer Nut Set

The handlebars have a steel handlebar under their plastic cover.
This is screwed directly onto the fork from above using a nut (similar to the headset lock nut).


  • 1x profile disc

  • 2x counter nut 7mm height

The set consists of the profiled spacer disc which fixes the handlebar in the correct position to the fork. The washer has two lugs towards the inside, which engage in the grooves of the fork. Towards the top, towards the handlebar, there are two raised lugs which align the handlebar on the disc. To fix the handlebars on these discs, two nuts are included in the set.

Place the profiled washer on the lock nut of the headset (headset should already be completely adjusted and locked). Place the washer so that the two inner lugs are at 12 and 7 o'clock when viewed from above. The noses pointing upwards are then at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.
Now put on the handlebar and snap it into the grooves of the profile disc. Make sure that the surfaces are clean and insert the threads with a little threadlocker if necessary. Tighten the handlebar with the nut slightly and align it. Tighten the nut with 100Nm. Now fit the second nut, again applying minimal threadlocker if necessary, and also tighten to 100Nm.

NOTE: Early T5 models had only one mounting nut with a crush ring. This is no longer available. Instead, as with PK XL2 and Cosa from the factory, use two lock nuts on top of each other as supplied in the set.