Vespa V50-125 50 Special Prim ET3 PK50 S SS XL Smallframe CRIMAZ 2.0 RDP Front Disc Brake- Black Caliper

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Vespa V50-125 50 Special Prim Et3 PK50 S SS XL Smallframe CRIMAZ 2.0 RDP Front Disc Brake- Black Caliper

Cristian Mazelli is a dedicated Vespa enthusiast and he has been most active on the Italian scooter racing scene for many years. During his time as a racer he was constantly faced with material and part quality problems he deemed as unsuitable for the task in hand. To ease these bottlenecks in supply he decided to use his career-based knowledge of industrial research and development to create parts under his own name that he now markets under the 'CRIMAZ' logo. Beautifully detailed solutions combined with very high production quality are the results!

The original steering columns from earlier Vespa smallframe models may enhance the original style of the scooter, but are completely outdated when it comes to delivering decent braking and suspension. This is especially true when a tuned motor is located beneath the steel of the frame. Many owners attempt to fit a more modern Vespa PK item and are then faced with countless hours of expensive modifications, which in the end are better carried out by an experienced mechanic.

Christian Mazelli, alias CRIMAZ, took on the challenge of being able to offer a more convenient solution with the aim of combining a traditional appearance with a more modern performance.

The front disc brake system, also produced by CRIMAZ, displays an unusual solution to the lack of space for satisfactorily positioning the brake components. The disc is provided with fixing tabs on its outer diameter to facilitate attachment to the wheel mounting studs on the drum brake and the calliper engages the disc from the inner perimeter. This is enabled by a compact floating, single-piston calliper. A modified brake drum and trailing link adapter are included in the kit.

For a further suspension improvement possibility, why not consider combination with the CRIMAZ shock absorber adapter?

The version 2.0 RDP is equipped with a billit made swingarm.

Conclusion : An ideal possibility to improve the braking power of the old steering column while retaining an (almost) original look.