Vespa V50 Special SS90 Prim ET3 PK50-125 S/XL Polini 4 Gear Selector

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Vespa V50 Special SS90 Prim ET3 PK50-125 S/XL Polini 4 Gear Selector

Gears jumping out are a sure sign of a worn shifting claw.
This should be replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid a defect of further transmission parts. When disassembling, also inspect the tooth flanks of the transmission gears. If these show pitting marks, they should be replaced. The following types of shifting claws are available:

three-speed gearbox: The three-speed claw is easiest to identify by its only four existing detent points (three gears + neutral). The very early 3-speed transmissions (up to chassis no. 15325) also have only two arms instead of four.

four-speed transmission: There are two different designs. These can be quickly distinguished in the area of the pins that engage in the gearwheel (exception DRT*)

V50, PV, ET3:

  • Shapes: Angular (right-angled)
  • Lock points: 5
  • Height: 51mm.


  • Shaping: Round (radius)
  • Locking points: 5
  • Building height: 50mm

Attention: The PK version has already been partly used in the last years of construction of the V50 (V5A1T from No. 69444), Special (V5B3T from no. 94315), Elestart (V5B4T from no. 1514) as well as the PV125 (VMA2T from no. 150203) and ET3 (VMB1T from no. 8161)!

FA ITALIA : The shift claws from FA ITALIA are good and inexpensive replicas of the original shift claw. They are completely sufficient also for mildly tuned engines.

ORIGINAL PIAGGIO: The original Piaggio parts are in the combination of strongly increased prices from Piaggio with a quite changeable quality unfortunately from the price/achievement relationship rather badly. Since Piaggio often changes suppliers (and is rather interested in maximizing profit) the high product quality is not always guaranteed as the name would suggest.

MADE IN ITALY: Under this label we sell products whose origin comes from the same sources where Piaggio original parts or even the DRT parts were made. I.e. very high quality goods, which usually correspond 1:1 to the original parts, but without a sales price increasing Piaggio outer packaging...

DRT: Very high quality manufactured goods in a super quality. Absolutely race-proven and also in everyday life completely problem-free to use. More precise shifting processes as well as a much longer lasting shifting claw demand of course a higher price.

NOTE:: The DRT shifting claws have meanwhile all a square design. They only differ in the height!