Wiring Loom Auto Engine Water Cooled Bat, Elec Start +Ext2

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Universal wiring loom for Lambrettas with an WATER COOLED Auto Engine and Extra Instruments Fitted: Both Brake light switches at the handlebars.

Designed around the Piaggio/Gilera electronic Water Cool Engines or any motor that usually has two yellow wires from the engine for the lighting supply or a Lambretta Wassell Conversion.

Wiring is included for an Electric Start Button in the headset / Inside leg shield Toolbox area and a safety start switch facility ( The Safety Start Facility can be in the form of an in line Vespa front brake light switch fitted into the old clutch cable area which will normally now operate the rear brake cable or alternatively on a master cylinder switch or an indipendent on/off auto return switch - the switch has to be activated for the electric start button/key to operate). The necessary switches are available separately if required. Alternative Safety Start options are available on request.

Includes water cooling thermostat, cooling fan and fuel gauge wires.

A 12v DC supply is supplied to the Headset and Inside Leg shield Toolbox so that Instruments of your choice can be run from it. Wiring is added within the frame for instruments such as : Heat sensors, Fuel/Oil Gauge, Revs Counter. A 12V AC supply is supplied to the Toolbox for Instrument lighting.

If you require the 12V DC supply to be switched on and off by the ignition switch a Beedspeed TV type Ignition Switch is ideal or a standard ignition switch for the DC supply and an Li type light switch that can switch the lights on and off independently.

Facility for Two Brake light Switches at the Front End - No rear brake pedal.

Lights and Horn 12 Volt DC

Battery charging wires are built in, but the main thick starter motor wires are not, usually they are already attached to the engine. They can be made to measure on request.

We can customize the loom to your request. Add the specifications that you require into the comments box at the checkout.

Wiring Diagram supplied.

Some other parts that are available:

Electric start button - It can be mounted onto the handle bars or similar position, we have one available separately part number 24 613 5020 in the Autos starter motors section - One 15mm hole will have to be drilled.

Front brake light in line switch in the Vespa Light Switches section.

A Starter Relay - This can be found in the Vespa Light Switches Section.

A Battery Charging Type Voltage Regulator Box. See Vespa or Auto electrical section.

A 12 V Battery. We recommend the CB9-B or similar, this fits correctly in the majority of Vespa battery trays, and has plenty of power to turn over the motor. Please check the battery dimensions in our battery section, against the size of your battery tray.

Heat Sensors in the Auto Section